IF we said newborn babies are the most skillful and unexpected human beings on the earth. You probably laughing right now but it is true beside their cute and funny face they possess a lot of qualities that you might not know. 

cute baby fun fact

Yes, you would know that babies are helpless and cant does anything without the bits of help of others but you would get blown out to know these Fun and fact about babies which we are going to tell you.

15 Mind-Blowing Amazing Fun and Fact 

1. New Born Babies Born with 300 Bones.

cute baby fun fact

You probably get shocked by knowing this fact but it is scientifically proven that unusually like Adult babies are born with 300 bones in their body and with time these bones blend together and make it 206 bones.  

For example, the baby skull contains several bones that are overlapping one another during birth to help the baby squeeze out.

2. Your baby Knows Your Music Likes

cute baby fun fact

in one of the studies done by Helsinki University, it is found that your babies recognize the sound of music while they were in the mother's womb for up to four months after birth.

In short, the kind of music you hear during pregnancy your baby could adopt music taste.

3. A Baby Own 10000 Taste Buds

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an adult usually carries 3000 taste buds but you know a baby contains around 10000 taste buds which are almost Three times that of an adult.

These taste buds are developing in the third trimester includes the tongue, back, and side of the mouth. this is the most reason common reason a pregnant mother should try out a different variety of foods during this time. these unique taste buds will be gone as babies grow.

4. Babies Giggle 300 Times in a Day

baby boy interesting facts

According to one of the studies, Babies laugh almost 300 times in a day which is 5 times more than an adult. this means kids enjoy their time more than an adult.

5. Babies Have Mustaches 

baby boy interesting facts

Babies indeed grow mustaches while they were in the womb of their mother when they were at the age of four months in the womb of their mother they grow hair all around their bodies and this hair are called lanugo.

This hair falls before their birth and are eaten and digested by them and become part of their first poop.

6. Babies are Born Swimmer

baby girl interesting facts

Toddlers are natural swimmers as they can normally hold their breath when they are underwater, and even sprinkle about with their arms and legs.

 If you take your infant to a swimming class, you'll see these inborn abilities in real life!

7. New Born Babies Have Myopia

baby girl interesting facts

Newborn babies can only see a nearby object which is about 20-30 cm away from their eyes. Beyond this distance all the things they see are kind of blur hence you can say that newborn babies are short-sighted. 

when a baby gets around one-two months old they can easily focus on the object nearby him like toys etc. and at the end of the fourth trimester, they can explore the color and shape of an object more precisely.

8. Babies Born With Mini Stomach

baby girl interesting facts

At the point when your child is first conceived, his stomach is no greater than a hazelnut. On account of its little size, your infant should take care of it frequently to keep himself feeling full. 

Your infant's stomach will develop rapidly, arriving at the size of an apricot before the finish of the primary week, and the size of an enormous hen's egg before two weeks' over.

 In any case, she'll actually have to take care of around evening time until she's, at any rate, a half-year-old.

9. Red is First Colour They See.

infant amazing facts

according to the studies it is found that babies see the first color as Red while some say they see black, white, and gray color but they are quite blurry and hard to recognize for a baby.
the last color which a baby see is Blue and purple once

10. Baby Gain Weight Amazingly Fast

infant amazing facts

Baby gain weight at a rapid pace they double their weight in five months and triple their weight on completing their first year.

11. Babies Have High Growth rate

infant amazing facts

They likewise develop around 1 to 1.5 cm every month. If they kept this fast growth rate, by adulthood, infants would measure in at 50  meters tall in height! 

12. Toddlers Have no tear Naturally. 

infant amazing facts

They cry yet they don't deliver genuine tears until around the age of three weeks. In any case, because of an over-burden of feelings and a flood in hormonal equilibrium, new mums will in general make up for their missing tears during those initial not many days.

13. Baby Sleeps around 5400 hours in the First Year. 

infant amazing facts

12. Your Baby Can Impact Your Heart Rate: 

newborn baby interesting facts

An Israeli University found that when a mother and an infant investigated each other eyes, their pulse organizes in short order. An infant's heart pulsates around 180 times each moment upon entering the world. It drops to 140 inside a couple of hours. 

The number drops to 115 beats for every moment when they are one-year-old. By adulthood, the resting pulse is 70 to 80 beats for every moment. 

13. New Born Male and Female Infant Have unique Brain.

newborn baby interesting facts

Examination recommends that male infant cerebrums may become quicker than Female infant minds in the initial three months, especially in regions that control development. 

Then again, a female infant may have more delicate abilities, suggesting that they can see and hear in a way that is better than a male infant in any case.

14. Brain Changing Time 

newborn baby interesting facts
  • Newborn Baby Brain weight 400gm.
  • 3 years old baby has a brain weight of 1100gm.
  • an adult brain weight is around 1500 gm.

15.Your hormones affect the Baby skin

newborn baby interesting facts

Your hormones ruin your body all through pregnancy — presently they're killing your infant's skin. As your due date approaches, your hormones cleared their path through the placenta and into your infant, sloping up his oil creation. 

Optimistically, your child's body will flush them out, generally between a week and a month after his introduction to the world. 

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