One of the exceptional moments of your child is in your own life. A kid's birthday is always special for parents and kids too. Your kid's first birthday is extraordinary, so the kids' parents desire something special to be done also made memorable. All parents need them to call, celebrate, and entertain everyone else on their kid's first birthday. 


When your child turns one year, it is different to observe his birthday. You can get this moment memorable in many ways. If you'd like, it is possible to make a theme for your birthday, or you're able to celebrate it traditionally. But it's challenging to plan everything, and it's also tricky to celebrate it properly.

Here are some unique kids birthday party ideas that you can Try

1.PHOTO Stall


You can use the Photo stall idea in kids' birthday parties as it offers an excellent opportunity to create memories of your particular party or event! Photo stall ideas and photo booth props give your guests a way to savor the moment and have a great time with it. 

It is one of the most significant unforgettable ways to enjoy the party.

2 Karaoke Party 

birthday parties for kids

A Karaoke party idea on kids' birthday is a great and entertaining idea. As kids love music a lot, they will enjoy the party.

To add flavor to the party, you can use stuff like 

  • bracelets which glow in the dark
  • Glow Sunglasses 
  • Glowing mask 
  • Inflatable guitars and microphones.

3.Movie Night

birthday parties for kids

As all know, kids love to watch movies. You can arrange a movie night party on their birthdays for that; you have to set a projector in your backyard with some fun-loving movies.

4.Camping with kids

Camping with kids

Going to the camp is also a good idea for Celebrating a child's birthday party. You can go to any base camp, and you can give your child some options of places to visit and go to the location of his choice.

5.Party Based on a Cartoon theme

Party Based on a Cartoon theme

 As we all know, Kids love the cartoon, so the party on this theme is joyful for them. You can ask their friends to come to the cartoon costume at the birthday party, and you can make a small birdhouse and have a cartoon shape of cake-like mickey mouse and food for the decoration of this party. You can also give children to wear a cartoon paper mask.

6.Musical chair 

You can also use Musical chair dancing party ideas at your kids' birthday party. 

halloween kids prop

In the game, all the children have to dance to a song, and as soon as the music stops, everyone has t sit on a chair. Still, there is a twist that one chair is less than a total number of a kid, so the kid who will not be got the chair to sit after stoping the music will be out of the game, and the game carries on in the same pattern.

7.Play memory game 

Play memory game

Kids at this age recollect things for quite a while. You can have some good times memory games at your youngster's birthday celebration in which a few things have appeared to the kids toward the start of the gathering. Later you can request that the youngsters recall and name the things that were seemed to start with. 


Before making your kid's birthday party celebration, it is necessary to make a spending plan for it. Picking a gathering theme makes it simple to decide its area, solicitations, food, and engaging games. 

You can make your kid's birthday celebration inventively lovely without spending a lot, which will incorporate engaging games just as wonderful frills and welcomes.

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