Here are some best short moral stories for kids which adds up the great ethical value in you and in your kids life too.


In the past storybooks were the main part of the enjoyment for children. in the past few decades, kids invested their energy in understanding stories and pretending their preferred characters from the narratives. but it all different now – in the age of the internet, kids invest the vast majority of their time messing around on cell phones or watching kid's shows or recordings on YouTube.

Stories for kids is one of the best ways to disengage them from the internet and mobile, you can tell short stories for kids with some knowledge too.

We have sorted some of the well known short stories for kids in English that you can narrate to your kids.

  • Let's dive into our First story for kids


magic pot short story for kids

Once upon a time, a poor farmer went to plow his field. While he hit something tough.

he found that it is a huge metallic pot he thought what is this a metallic pot and wonder if there's something greater treasure under the metallic pot.

With the desire, something greater treasure in the pot the farmer dug deeper and wider. He got tired after hours of looking the farmer decided to relax .he left his tool with inside the pot and lay down below the tree.

Sometime later after resting a bit. he went back to the pot and got amazed at how is this possible. The pot is full of tools I had left only one in it. it looks as if that is a magical pot.

Now the farmer decided to check what's going to appear if I placed a mango in it and simply because the farmer wanted to see so he put one mango and it becomes a lot of mangoes now it proven that it is truly a magical pot.

the farmer took the pot to the home and uses it to fix their problems. The farmer went home and hide the pot at a secure place and he then went to the market and sell the mangoes and earned a good sum of money for them.

While returning to the home he bought a few grains and place in pot one after one soon he had a sufficient amount of grain for the whole year for their family.

the farmer calls his wife and told all that has happened. Farmer wives said that is a blessing we have to use it accurately to become wealthy.

However, we should hold it appropriately hidden. The farmer agreed with his spouse, over the year he slowly starts out settling his problems with the help of a magical the pot.

in a few years, he grew too wealthy. Even though they have been secretive and very cautious about the magical pot people start noticing out that how they'd become wealthy and shortly all the things spread out in the city even reached the King's ear.

The king of the city thought this type of effective magical pot has to be a part of the Kings Treasury the farmer has no right to hold it best. I have the right to own that, however, the king ordered the soldier to deliver the pot to the palace.

the infantrymen stormed into the farmer's house and capture the pot. The magical pot now in the hands of the king when he tries to see what's in the pot that makes it so magical the king try to look over the pot he loses his stability and fell for into the pot as he fell he hit his forehead on the threshold of the pot and became unconscious.

while he wakened he noticed that there have been lots of kings like him. All of them fought with each other to get to the throne and quickly the information reached the farmer and his spouse. They think the king got silly and his greediness killed him, they also added, however, it's not secure to hold the pot anymore as we have sufficient cash and wealth to take care of our many upcoming generations and us. They decided to give up and allow the pot to remain with inside the King's Treasury. MORAL OF THE STORY- "Never run for the things that are not yours"

  • Now Quickly jump into the Second story for kids


king short story for kids

There was a king named Shravan .he was very fond of hunting one day he said to his soldiers make arrangements for a hunting trip tomorrow.

The next day the king started his journey during hunting, many deer lost their lives as the moment King left the forest One Dear said even today we have lost many of our relatives this has become routine now I will speak to the king regarding this. 

The next day the dear meet the king in the royal garden kind said to dear what are you doing here dear replied King I am here to ask you for help king said what kind of help you want dear said that King, you did need not come to the forest for hunting we'll send one deer every week you can hunt it in your garden by this way your the desire for hunting will be fulfilled and we will not lose many of our relatives and friends 

The king replied sounds good I agree to it so as decided every week one deer was sent and the king hunted the animal in the garden months rolled by the king, said I think I'm really for hunting ah here comes my prey but the king was shocked when he saw the head of the dear why are you here go back and send one of your subjects to prey 

Dear replied King today it's the turn of a pregnant dear so I cannot send her and I have taken her place so go-ahead. 

king says are ready to sacrifice your life for the sake of your subject yes I must take care of them the king was taken aback I'm ashamed of my act please forgive me.

I have learned my lesson I release you all you can room anywhere in my kingdom as nobody will hunt you from today hunting is banned in my kingdom.

MORAL OF THE STORY- " Use your power wisely"

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