A baby shower is also called 'Godh Bharai ' in India. Baby shower means 'women anticipated the birth of a baby or the change of a lady into a mother.' 

It is a traditional ceremony, in which the upcoming baby or child and the pregnant women are blessed with many blessings and wishing good health to both their family and loved ones. different names have been given to this ritual in every region around the globe.


The main goal of this event is to bless the child and pregnant woman under the hand of God and all the elders so that both mother and child remain safe healthy. Along with this, the baby is welcomed through this festival.

All close friends and relatives are part of this event. The time to celebrate the baby shower is varied according to places and communities. 


baby shower dresses

Everywhere there is a different way of celebrating the festival of baby showers. The ceremony of a baby shower may be different, but the goal of celebrating it is the same, and it is to wish the child and mother to be healthy and safe. 

According to the Indian traditional method, worship is kept on the day of the baby shower so that all the defects of the child and mother are removed, and a healthy child born. 

Al relatives are involved in the baby shower so that the child and mother of the child get all the affection and blessings. Through worship and prayers, the infant born in the womb receives positive energy.

baby shower dresses

Baby showers were considered an all-women program in the past, which included only women, but nowadays, it also has men. In this program in India, the mother's entire makeup is done, she is put on jewelry, chunri is worn, and dance is performed.

After this, the pregnant woman's lap is filled with gifts, fruits, dried fruits, and sweets. In this program, many nuts and fruits are gifted to the pregnant woman because, during pregnancy, the pregnant woman needs a lot of protein.

She gets plenty of protein from dry fruits, with this, eating dry fruits makes the pregnant woman easy to deliver.

However, nowadays, the method of the baby shower is entirely different from this method. In many homes, this festival is celebrated in the last months, and the mother is sent to her maternal family after this, she can get complete rest.

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baby shower bingo

In some families, the baby shower ceremony is performed in the seventh or eighth months of pregnancy. It is believed that this month, the mother and the baby growing in the womb are entirely safe. 

However, when the baby shower is done, it also depends on which community the pregnant woman belongs to. People of every community perform this ritual in other months. 

In some communities, this custom is conducted in the eighth month of pregnancy. At the same time, some families do not have a baby shower ceremony. Instead, worship or any other ritual is performed only after the birth of the infant.


baby shower bingo

The first reason is that good health is wished for the child through this ceremony.

Many fruits and dry fruits are given to the pregnant as a gift, which is quite nutritious. By eating them, the pregnant and child's health remains.

It is believed that eating greasy foods during pregnancy makes delivery easier. This is why pregnant babies are given fat-rich items like sweets and snacks etc. in baby showers. However, these things have no scientific basis.


juegos para baby shower

Even though this day gives a lot of happiness and fun to the pregnant, but it is permissible for the pregnant to be tired from the day's customs.

So, here we are giving some essential tips for pregnant:

RELAX: You should take a lot of rest before the baby shower 
the ceremony begins, as you may feel tired after the ceremony starts.

BABY SHOWER DRESSES: Decide earlier what you have to wear during the ceremony. Do not wear clothes in which you feel uncomfortable. Do not wear heavy clothes and jewelry.

HYDRATED YOURSELF: During the event, drink a lot of water to keep yourself hydrated as it necessary for you and your baby too.

TAKE CARE TO EAT: During this time, you will get to eat a lot of sweets, but make sure That you do not eat too many sweets because the stomach can get upset.

BABY SHOWER BINGO CARD GIFTS: You can give bangles, dupattas, or BINGO CARD as a gift to the guests attending the ceremony.

Come, let's get to know some beautiful baby showers Games to play.


free baby shower invitations

No celebration is complete without games and dance,
so how it is possible that this ceremony happened without any fun or playing games. That is why we are talking about some baby shower games ideas on this momentous occasion, which will increase the fun of this function:

ESTIMATING THE SIZE OF THE BELLY OF A PREGNANT: This game can be quite enjoyable. For this, you will have to give ribbon strips to all the women who came to the baby shower. By cutting these ribbons, they have to guess the size of the belly of the pregnant. The one who got the right answer will win this game.

WHAT DID YOU WANT TO EAT: The women present will have an idea of ​​what the pregnant craved to eat the most during pregnancy. The one who got the answer right will be declared the winner.

DIAPER CHALLENGE: Make two teams of people and give them ready-made dolls. Two members of both the team will have to remove the doll's clothes and diapers by blindfolding and get her ready again. The couple who did this better and sooner will win.

BABY TIME CAPSULE: In this game, all the women will bring some things related to the baby coming, like school bags, diapers, and clothes, etc., and will tell how the life of the pregnant will change after the baby is born. It would be entertaining.

ESTIMATING DELIVERY DATE: Take a calendar and ask all guests to tick the delivery date. Whoever guessed correctly would be the winner of this game.


baby shower themes for boys

As time has changed, ideas have also changed. Now that weddings and parties can be a theme base, a ritual like a baby shower can also be theme-based. Believe it, doing this will be a lot of fun.

Here we are showing pictures of some unique Baby themes shower themes for boys and girls both, which by seeing you might get some idea:

places to have a baby shower

DECORATE THE HOUSE WITH TOYS: If you are organizing it in the house, then decorate the home with children's toys. Balloons, dolls, cars, or bat-balls can be used for this.

BABY PINK THEME: According to this theme, everything in the ceremony will be pink, i.e., pink color. From the guests' clothes, gifts, and decorations to the cake, the cake will also be pink in color.

COMING SOON THEME: According to this theme, writing something on the paper related to the reception of the child will be decorated everywhere, like 'Baby Coming Soon', 'Mom to be,' 'We are waiting,' etc. You can decorate any message you want to give to the incoming baby by writing it on paper. This would be an entertaining idea.

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